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The motor came with a Fast by Ferracci 818cc big bore kit that uses a very thin iron liner and an Arias piston. As I was researching F1s a year ago, I discovered that the FBF set-up was prone to oiling and seizing problems and - sure enough, at Grattan in 2003 the bike overheated and began to burn oil. When Guy and I stripped the motor last winter, we could see that the bores were distorting and that the piston was beginning to rock.

Guy reminded me again that I was courting disaster with the thin iron liners and that if I insisted in running the set-up for another season, I should at least spring for a new more modern piston with better wrist pin support. Complaining of fiscal constraints, I figured that with a second oil cooler, synthetic oil and an easy throttle hand I could squeak another season out of the existing slugs. We honed the cylinders and replaced the rings and Guy gave the motor a 30 minute / 30 foot warranty.

"Taking it easy" went out the window at the VRRA Vintage Festival and the motor exploded during Sunday practice.

This picture shows where the piston smacked the valve after it separated from the rod.

The moral of the story: When Guy says that a part is going to fail, listen to him.