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I had a chance to meet fellow F1 racer Gary Palmer at the 2005 DOCC Grattan Rally and to sample his very nicely developed package. Gary's been very successful in the CCS series - dominating his class and earning podium finishes in against the SVs in the Lightweight class.

The bike is based on a 1988 F1S and sports a tank, seat and belly pan that Gray designed and fabricated himself. Gary also made the rising rate rear suspension conversion and moved the bottom of the steering head back to give a 24.4 degree rake. The front end is off a Honda F4i with Brembo p30/43 calipers and a radial master. The triple clamps are 90's Sport items, opened up to take the Honda forks. He runs a choice of wheels - either Marvic or Marchesini with a 5.5" rear and runs Bridgestone slicks.

The engine is a 790CC using Mike Rich designed 12.45:1 pistons, Mike Rich heads, big valves, Hemi combustion chamber, VeeTwo 216 cams (very radical), MBP collets and 36mm Mikuni Pro Series carbs. The crank has been lightened with Carillos and an aluminum flywheel rounding out the package. The pipe is a modified Stantune TT with a megaphone built to TT dimensions and hidden under the boom box. Weighs 318 pounds with fuel.