> Loud Bike Crash


Gareth Wilson bought the Loud Bike from me at the DOCC event at Mosport in May '03. I had a couple of interested parties, but his experience with bevel Ducatis and overall attitude gave me a sense that the bike would go to a good home. In fact it has, but unfortunately he tucked the front end in Mosport's fast Turn 2 that August in practice for his first vintage race. Fortunately, Gareth walked away from the crash but the Loud Bike was flipped 6 times and burned to a crisp.

I can't even begin to imagine the horror he felt looking at the wreckage after the crash.

Gareth blew everyone away this year when he rolled the rebuilt Loud Bike (no longer Loud, but rebuilt nonetheless) out of his van in August at Grattan. He raced it this past August at the VRRA Festival at Mosport and took the bike to a solid 6th place finish in Period 2 Heavy.