> My 74 Ducati 750GT


I restored this bike 6 years ago and sold it to Dan Monroe in Halifax, N.S. in 2002.

I bought the bike off the Ducati Index classifieds from a fellow in New Hampshire just as I was completing the Loud Bike project. I had a good load of original (but dirty) parts from the donor GT that gave the Loud Bike its motor and combined the two to build the bike you see. It's a late '73 spec (like any two GTs were built the same..) with the wire headlight mount, stainless fenders and electronic tach (promptly replaced with a mechanical unit). Purists be damned - the taillight is an early 72 unit. I replaced all the fasteners with stainless, painted the frame with Canadian Tire's finest gloss black Rusoleum and had Gary's Custom Cycles in Ottawa shoot the bodywork the same color as the Loud Bike. The dual horns were a bonus and loud as hell.

Stainless shouldered spokes and nipples and original Borraini rims. Shocks are 13.25" Coni Dial-a-ride. The forks were rebuilt with Works progressive springs and I ran 210cc BelRay 5wt. Dual disks are Scarab (amazingly) with an aftermarket H-D bleed nipple kit installed in each caliper. With Ferodo's finest pads, I had no problem locking the front wheel with two fingers. Master cylinder was Grimeca. A Dyna ignition and coils transformed the bike and Guy Martin did some minor headwork as well as a complete valve job. Guy also extended the clutch actuating lever. I also did a swap to the ST2 alternator with a solid state regulator from BCM. Dunlop GT 501s were a huge improvement over the old Avons and Dunlops I had run in the past.