> Rob Marshall's '74 Ducati 750 Sport


Rob Marshall took a completely original Ducati 750 Sport and decided to go vintage racing. Engine by Guy Martin (MBP) and set up in the spirit of a 70's production racer. Nice piece - pretty and loud.

Rob purchased this bike back in 1998 as a running, well maintained and mostly stock Sport that had seen only street use. Within only a few weeks of ownership, a plan was hatched to modify the bike to run in the Canadian vintage road race series (VRRA) and from that point forward, the Sport has been under an ongoing program of refinement a vintage racer and track day ride.

Early in the game (1999), the engine was completely rebuilt by noted bevel performance guru Guy Martin (MBP) in Montreal, Canada. Guy modifies the crankshaft with his own crankpin, and hardened, pressed inserts to eliminate the cheesy stock thrust washers. The gearbox was treated with dry-film lubricant, has updated rocker pins, and all components were crack-tested prior to assembly. Guy used first over bore 81mm JE pistons based on the Sport profile but manufactured to his specifications and went to his Stage 2 level on the cylinder heads and this set-up was freshened-up two years ago with a 5-angle valve job (including new valve guides, and valve seals) done by McDermott Racing, new rings and the original sleeves were “nickasilled” by Millenium. Carbs are 40mm Dellorto with Mallossi intakes, ignition is Dyna with Dyna coils and the bike is set-up with a Domino quick-action throttle and an extended clutch actuation lever. The Sport is shown with a rare reverse cone megaphone exhaust system by ARC Fabrication, which has removable mechanical baffles.

The rebuilt motor has just under 100 hours of use and has been fed a steady diet of Kendall GT 50 (changed after every track event).

The frame is the original narrow Sport with the rear sub-frame shortened by 2.5 inches to improve weight distribution. (This modification can be reversed if you wish to return the bike back to stock trim) and powder coated a few years ago. Rear seat is a high-quality replica unit that doubles as catch bottle with a custom quick release seat pad. Forks are OEM Marzocchi with a Works Performance fork spring kit that features tunable cross-overs. The shocks are 13.25” Works Performance Gassers. Brake calipers are Grimeca (Lockheed knock-offs) with a Lockheed master cylinder. The Sport is also set up with braided brake lines, steering damper, Vee-two crankcase breather, and Avon tires - AM Series vintage racing compound. 2.15 Valante front and 3.0 Morad rear aluminum rims with new stainless spokes and nipples. The original chrome components have been redone with exception of the brake stay. Fresh paint 2008.

All this boils down to a fast (fast enough for a 3rd in the Vintage Challenge this September), bulletproof and easy to ride vintage racer that is usually declared “to pretty to race” by all who see it at the track. In fact, the bike won the “Bellissimo” award at the Ducati Owners’ Club rally 3 years ago. Starts first kick, idles and makes on helluva gorgeous sound.

The Sport is registered in Canada as a ’75, however engine number 756591 puts it as a ’74.

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