> Shannon Kelly's 198X Ducati 750F1 A Hybrid


While I'm sure this story will have a soon have a happy ending, for the moment Shannon's F1 is a tale of wanton deceit, heartbreak and frustration...

Let's start at the beginning.

Having graduated from the Appliance (a Honda CM 250) to the HD-Sprint, and then the Hawk GT and from puttering to hurtling, Shannon was suitably blown away when she tried my F1 at Grattan two years ago. By Monday, when the DOCC event was open to all makes, the Hawk sat cold and neglected in our pit. The hook was set.

Shannon suffers fro MBD (Multiple Bike Disorder). In the fall of '03 our conversations turned (as they always do) to the coming winter projects and she made it known that she wanted (no, needed) an F1 in order to feel, balanced, complete and one with the universe.