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a - Mosport Turn 1 (See text below)

a - Mosport Turn 1 (See text below)

I guess I have to write about the bike in the past tense, ‘cause the spec has changed since Gareth’s crash.

Rolling chassis: The frame and wheels were 1977 900SS, with the rear sub-frame shortened by 2.5 inches to improve weight distribution. Rear seat was a high-quality replica unit that doubled as catch bottle, the fairing was also a replica (from Road & Race in Australia) and the tank an aluminums Imola replica from Bartell Engineering in the UK. The tach was Scitsu (new 2002) and controls standard 900SS items (modified for RH shift). Forks were 1974 Ceriani 38mm and the rear shocks 13.25” Works Performance Gassers. Guy Martin (MBP) fabricated a harder (and lighter) than stock swing arm pin and a floating mount for the rear brake calliper. Brake callipers were standard Brembo with Ferodo 3485 compound pads, braided steel lines and a Grimeca front master cylinder. Rubber by Avon - AM Series vintage racing compound. The handling was amazing - almost plush and the machine felt way more agile than the stock set-up. It ripped around Grattan with ease, but retained the unflappable stability that made bevels the hot ticket on fast tracks like Mosport.